Grant Funding 101: Crack the Code to Grant Funding with Insider Strategies for Start-Up Success!

Looking for small business grants or startup funding? Discover the answers to the top questions that start-up companies and Founders like you are asking on the search to find grant opportunities. Our expert advice will guide you through the grant application process and help you create a compelling proposal that stands out from the crowd. With valuable insights and practical tips, you can increase your chances of securing the financial support you need to grow your start-up and achieve your goals. Here at we are on a mission to help you secure non-dilutive grant funding for your startup and once you’ve won, the journey to bring your innovative idea to market is only just beginning. Along the way you may encounter a few tough obstacles, so it is crucial for Founders to know their options and set themselves up for success from the beginning. Join me, Stacy Chin, Ph.D., as I break down the insights I’ve gained in 10 years of grant writing and consulting to answer the top 7 questions Founders always ask me in their search for small business or start-up grants! Don't miss out on this insider information - watch now! Resources: SBIR/STTR Grants Overview:’s mission is to support scientists, engineers, and clinicians in their start-up journeys by helping Founders secure SBIR/STTR grants. The goal of this YouTube channel is to educate Founders on how to raise non-dilutive federal funding to get the resources they need to commercialize innovative ideas to solve today’s biggest global problems. To date, we’ve helped to raise over $10 M of SBIR/STTR funding across start-ups across medicine, engineering, environment, energy, military, and much more Follow us on socials: Instagram: TikTok: @keepyourequityco YouTube: @keepyourequityco Check out these resources and tools on - Services: - Templates: - Courses: About Stacy Chin, Ph.D. Stacy combines her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for research to help start-ups commercialize their innovations. With 10+ years of grant writing experience, she has secured over $10 M in SBIR/STTR grant funding for clients spanning from a wide variety of sectors. She's consulted start-ups spun out by Founders, professors, medical doctors, start-up executives and collaborators from MIT, Mass General Hospital, Columbia Univ., Univ. of Colorado, UCLA, Brown Univ., Boston Univ., New York Univ., Univ. of Texas, UCSD, and more. Stacy is a TechStars SBIR/STTR mentor, a highly competitive and nationally reputable tech start-up accelerator. She previously served as an NIH and NSF SBIR reviewer and study section co-chair. Stacy received her PhD in chemistry, holds multiple patents and authored multiple academic research articles. She also brings 8+ years of experience as a start-up founder and was been recognized for her entrepreneurial achievements through a number of awards. Read about her entrepreneurial journey in Train Like a Scientist, Think Like an Entrepreneur: #SBIRgrantapplication #SBIRgrants #SBIRapplicationtips #SBAgrantapplication #STTRgrants #techstartupfunding #businessstartupfunding #grantwritingtips #grants2023 #WhatisSBIR #Smallbusinessgrants2023 #governmentgrants #smallbusinessgrants #startup #grantapplications #grantapplication #grantapplicationtips #startups #governmentfunding #SBIR #STTR #NIHSBIRGrants #SBIRgranttips #freestartupfunding Shorts Hashtags: #techstartupfunding #freestartupfunding #startups #grantwriting #howtofindgrants #Businessstartupfunding #grants2023 #govermentgrants Disclaimer: (d/b/a Chemia Solutions Corporation) is not affiliated with any US governmental agency. All video content is made for entertainment and informational purposes only and does not guarantee awarded federal grants. All information (including agreements, forms and documents) available on the site,, are provided without any warranty, express or implied, including as to their legal effect and completeness. The information should be used as a guide and modified to meet your own individual needs. Your use of any information or forms is at your own risk. Communications between you and is only protected by our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. © 2023 Chemia Solutions Corporation. All rights reserved.

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