Grant Writing Tips for Small Business Owners

Best Practices and Resources Designed to Successfully Land Grants

Need Help Generating Funds?

Black Cactus and CalTek.Net are Offering A Grant Writing Workshop Designed to Help Raise Money for Small Businesses, Non-Profits and Individuals Minutes from Joshua Tree National Park

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In the heart of the Joshua Tree Gateway communities, small businesses and creatives often face unique challenges in accessing resources for growth and development. 
As we approach Martin Luther King Jr. Day, it’s crucial to reflect on our collective potential for economic empowerment and the critical role that grant funding can play in this journey. 
Black Cactus Co-Working, a hub for capacity building and technological innovation, is at the forefront of guiding individuals and organizations through the details of grant writing.

The Power of Grants: Unlocking Opportunities

Grants are not just funds; they are opportunities for transformation. For small businesses, especially in under-resourced rural areas, they can be the lifeline that enables innovation, expansion, and sustainability. 

In 2023, in the vast the landscape of grantmaking, numerous foundations, federal programs, and corporate grants offer financial support. Understanding this landscape is key to finding the right opportunities for you or your organization. 

Your Guide Through the Grant Maze With Local Experts 

The Black Cactus Co-Working team is made up of experienced professionals who excel in navigating the grant writing process. With deep experience in technology, fundraising, communications and program management, our team has come to understand that each grant has its unique requirements and complexities. 

Celebrating the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, our upcoming workshop on grant writing is focused on providing the local community, and the creatives, professionals and organizations which encompass the Joshua Tree Gateway communities, with the skills and knowledge to turn individual visions, into compelling grant proposals.

Free Grant Writing Resources

Compiled by Kenneth Wyrick, this e-course and resources outline strategies and best practices for applying for grants. While this FREE course is specific to nonprofits, its knowledge and information can be applied to individuals and for profit businesses.

In 2019, the federal government distributed $721 billion to states and local governments

Which represents about 16% of the United States budget for grants. About 61% of those grants were for health care, 16% income security programs, 9% transportation, 9% education, 9% training, 9% employment, and 9% social services

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A Strategic Approach to Crafting Winning Proposals

  1. Understand Your Eligibility: Before diving into writing, ensure that your business aligns with the grant's objectives and eligibility criteria. This initial step can save you invaluable time and effort.

  2. Tell Your Story Effectively: Every business has a story. Your grant proposal should narrate your journey, your challenges, and your vision for the future. Make it compelling, clear, and concise.

  3. Detail Your Impact: Clearly articulate how the grant will impact your business and, by extension, your community. Funders want to see their money making a real difference.

  4. Use Data Wisely: Incorporate relevant statistics and data to support your proposal. Our database, as demonstrated in our workshop, can help you find pertinent information to back your claims.

  5. Embrace Technology: Utilize technology for research and organization. As showcased in our workshop, tools like Odoo can streamline your search for suitable grants and manage applications efficiently.

Beyond the Workshop: Continuous Support

Our commitment to your success extends beyond the workshop. Our team offers continuous support in grant application, monitoring, and management. 

With our expertise in technology and fundraising, we can help turn your grant-seeking journey from daunting to doable.

Join Us For A Community Oriented Event for Growth and Learning

In conjunction with Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we invite you to join our community event. 

Sponsored by the City of Twentynine Palms, this event is more than just a celebration:

it's an opportunity to network, learn, and take a step closer to realizing your business goals. 

This event is the first of two in a series designed to empower members of the Twentynine Palms community. 

Together, we can build a legacy of economic empowerment and growth in our rural communities.

Your Partner in Business Development

At Black Cactus Co-Working, we believe in the power of collaboration and networking to foster the business environment. 

Grant writing is a critical tool in this journey, and our team is dedicated to helping you navigate this path. 

Join us in harnessing the potential of grants to unlock new opportunities for your business and our community.

[PRESS RELEASE] Black Cactus MLK Day Grant Writing Workshop | Sponsored By the City of Twentynine Palms

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Terence Latimer December 24, 2023
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