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In the fast-evolving professional environment, the traditional office space is going through changes. With what started as a solution for entrepreneurs with limited resources, an emerging solution, known as Coworking spaces, began to see a rise in major metropolitan cities across the globe. Flexible workspaces, empowered by flexible workstations like Black Cactus' Hot Desk, offers flexibility, community, and a suite of professional, business and technology amenities tailored to diverse professional needs.

The Internet Cafe

Co-working spaces aren't an entirely new concept. Prior to co-working spaces, you might have been familiar with a concept known as an Internet café, or a cybercafé. These speciality cafe's traditionally provide the use of computers with high bandwidth Internet access on the payment of a fee. Internet cafés originally charged users by the minute or part of an hour and often provided refreshments and services like phone repair. 

They were located worldwide and popular among travelers for webmail and messaging. In developing countries, they offered affordable shared Internet access. This concept evolved as more establishments added terminals and Wi-Fi hotspots, blurring the line between Internet cafés and regular cafés. 

With the growing acceptance of remote and hybrid work, this transition marked the natural progression from traditional cafés to coworking spaces.

Remote + Hybrid Work

Co-working spaces like WeWork provided professionals and growing businesses with shared office space: the original model was focused on keeping costs down by pooling resources to cover capital expenditures and costs such as office space and internet service. Remote work is changing, particularly as we consider the employees who've adjusted to and favored the remote lifestyle of the pandemic. 

100% remote working model is becoming less normal, with the global pendulum shifting towards hybrid models to adapt to the changing needs of businesses and workers. The trend seems to be against striking a balance between in-person team creativity, and autonomous working and collaboration. Hybrid work models have been forecasted to rise to 81% adoption, with Gen Z amongst its most enthusiastic supporters.

The Rising Popularity of Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces have seen explosive growth in recent years, with an estimated 19,000 spaces globally in 2018, up from just 160 in 2008​​. This surge is a testament to their appeal among a wide range of professionals - from freelancers and remote workers to small business owners and corporate employees​​. At Black Cactus, we've embraced this trend, offering hot desks and other coworking solutions that align with the evolving needs of today's professionals.

Addressing the Constraints of Traditional Office Spaces

Traditional office spaces, with their high costs and long-term lease commitments, often pose significant barriers for entrepreneurs​​. Coworking spaces like Black Cactus offer a flexible alternative, with month-to-month leases that provide the agility entrepreneurs need to adapt and grow​​.

The Unique Benefits of Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces are more than just a physical workspace. They offer a sense of community and a network of potential collaborators, which can be especially beneficial for less-advantaged entrepreneurs​​. 

At Black Cactus, our hot desks are situated in spaces that foster interactions among a diverse group of professionals, creating a vibrant community that fuels innovation and productivity.

Design Features That Matter

The design of coworking spaces is crucial in shaping the experience of their users. At Black Cactus, we understand that the right mix of open spaces, private space, and communal areas can significantly impact the way our members interact and work​​.

Our hot desks, for instance, are part of a larger ecosystem that includes dedicated desks and a private conference room , catering to a variety of work styles and needs.

Catering to a Diverse Professional Community

The diversity of coworking spaces is one of their greatest strengths. Unlike accelerators or incubators, which often have stringent selection processes, coworking spaces are open to a wide array of professionals, from freelancers to small business owners and remote corporate workers​​. This inclusivity is central to the mission of Black Cactus, where we welcome a range of professionals to our hot desks and coworking solutions.

Empowering Entrepreneurs with Flexibility and Legitimacy

One of the key benefits of coworking spaces is the flexibility they offer, allowing entrepreneurs to scale up or down as needed. This modularity is a significant advantage over traditional office spaces​​. Additionally, coworking spaces provide a more professional setting for meetings with clients or investors, lending legitimacy to startups and small businesses that might otherwise struggle to find suitable meeting spaces.


Black Cactus' Hot Desk and coworking solutions embody the essence of modern workspaces - flexibility, community, and a supportive environment for all kinds of professionals. 

As the nature of work continues to evolve, we remain committed to providing spaces that not only meet but anticipate and adapt to the changing needs of our diverse community.

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Terence Latimer December 14, 2023
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