Black Cactus Co-Working Presents: The 100 Desert Artists of Color Initiative

Empowering Artists in the Desert Communities of the Morongo Basin and Beyond

Are You Interested in a Safe Space for Creators of Colors to Develop Your Business in 2024?

We're passionate about more than just providing a dynamic coworking space in the heart of the Mojave Desert. We're committed to fostering a vibrant community of creators and artists, especially those of color who contribute to the rich tapestry of desert culture. That's why we're excited to announce the 100 Desert Artists of Color Initiative.

Learn More About Our Goals

100 Desert Artists of Color: Inspired by Bernard Hoyes + Noah Purifoy 

The unifying factor for all creators and community members of the Joshua Tree Gateway communities comes in the form of the local flora and fauna representing the vast canvas of the desert.

The artists based in and visiting the communities surrounding the Joshua Tree National Park are lucky enough to be surrounded by the natural regional beauty, represented by the vast canvas of the intersection of the Mojave and Colorado Deserts. 

Those artists lucky enough to consider the region home, offer themselves and others the opportunity to create in the Shadows of the Joshua Tree National Park.

Based on the examples provided by two of Black Cactus' favorite artists, Noah Purifoy and Bernard Hoyes, in 2024, we're excited to announce our 100 Desert Artists of Color initiative.

This campaign and focus isn't just about filling a funding gap; it's about building a desert oasis of creativity. 

In 2023, nourished by the spirit of community and nurtured by the unique artistic landscape of Twentynine Palms, the Black Cactus team was inspired to apply for the Creative SoCal Inland Grant.

While we were ultimately not on the list of awardees, the connection to Noah Purifoy and Bernard Hoyes offered the roadmap to a different kind of success:

During the application process, we learned just how many other artists and creators of color who needed help.

Inspired by our annual company theme word of "Collaboration," we are able to learn more about some of the other small business owners and creators in the region. 

The arts, and particularly the arts from communities of color, is personified in the Black Cactus office.

Desert Artists
Art Walks
Dreams Launched
Year to Get It Done

Bernard Hoyes is one of those artists: his artwork currently adorns the walls of Black Cactus.

In addition to helping guide Black Cactus' strategic efforts, he challenged the team to cultivate a network of desert artists. 

Its Bernard's belief that artists have the ability to command the attention of the world, and as part of our shared vision, we've discussed the immense talent and potential of local artists and producers, should they have the resources to help develop their capabilities.

Bernard, a mentee of Noah Purifoy, explained to the Black Cactus team the importance of links: 

Linking local creators to local businesses, as well as linking local communities to the natural art available in red rocks, green cacti, and the blooming mirrors desert flowers project while singing their songs alongside Highway 62. 

Bernard has communicated the power of a coalition of dedicated, and fully supported, artists.

To meet his challenge, Black Cactus has initiated our 100 Artists of Color Initiative. 

Announced in conjunction with Black History Month, in our view, Black Cactus offers the conditions for artistic creativity to thrive.

The 2024 Black History Month Theme of "African Americans and the Arts" reminds us to remain encouraged by Bernards belief in the power of creating connection among local artists through local businesses.

By connecting art to commerce, Bernard has explained, offers the opportunity for the livelihood of a community to thrive under the conditions required to fully bring ideas and creations, to life. 

This philosophy echoes the spirit of Desert X, a biennial outdoor exhibition that transformed the Coachella Valley into an open-air museum, mirroring some of the local appeal of the Noah Purifoy Outdoor Museum, local to the Joshua Tree Gateway communities.

The Adobe Mara Arts Walk: A Community Event in Downtown 29 Palms

From these seeds of the creative ideas of desert artists, the Adobe Mara Arts Walk has formed. With the heart of Downtown 29 Palms as our compass, Black Cactus has begun working with a series of local leaders, organizations and community members to develop the Adobe Mara Arts Walk.

As part of our efforts to organize artists from all walks of life, Black Cactus recognizes a database and contact information for local artists isn't enough.

In addition to identifying these artists, our focus is on providing them the form and function allowing them to dream big, while thinking strategically. 

The Adobe Mara Arts walk allows Black Cactus and local community partners the opportunity to provide the context representing the content of the artistic mediums representing the creators of color based or interested in the desert. 

Inspired by the legendary Oasis of Mara just outside Twentynine Palms,  Black Cactus is thrilled to offer 100 virtual memberships to fellow artists and creators who, like us,  didn't receive the SoCal Inland Grant. 

Our thoughts are that artists are creators shouldn't feel discouraged, and we believe virtual memberships, representing the spirit of community and collaboration represented by the SoCal Inland Grant, allows artists to remember that their art is only as valuable as the time, energy and attention, they're willing to invest to perfect, improve and sell, their crafts. 

The last Friday of the month, Black Cactus plans to use the Adobe Mara Arts Walk, or aMAW, to help these artists get out the word about their artistic aspirations, using the virtual membership as an opportunity to:

  • Network
  • Collaborate
  • Workshop Ideas
  • Prototype Concepts
  • Launch New Business Ideas

Art, Culture and Community Health in Downtown 29 Palms

In a community which has been so kind to the Black Cactus team, we've recognized in an environment where resources are so important, people power can't be discounted.

At its core, the Adobe Mara Art Walk is about collaboration and interdependence. The last Friday of each month, the plan is to offer the artists included in the 100 Artists of Color initiative to amplify the diverse voices that paint the desert landscape with vibrant hues.

With collaboration serving as our compass, and understanding Twentynine Palms is the destination, we invite creators and collectives in the zip codes included in the SoCal Inland grant the opportunity to participate in what we're hoping will be in annual program.

We're kicking off this journey during Black History Month, with nine monthly Art Walks planned throughout the year. 

Each walk will be a curated experience, inviting you to not only move your body by walking throughout Downtown 29 Palms, but to also open your eyes to the artistic treasures and beauty hidden in plain sight. 

Virtual Membership Features

Each of the 100 Artists of Color We support in 2024 Will Receive One of Our Virtual Membership Options 


$ 35 .00

/ month
  • One 90-Minute Hot Desk Session
  • Access to Private Online Community
  • Discounted Conference Room Bookings
  • Email support


$ 70 .00

/ month
  • Everything Included in Standard
  • Virtual Mailbox Service 
  • Limited customization
  • Email support


$ 150 .00

/ month
  • Everything Included in Premium
  • 1-Hour Conference Room Booking
  • Expanded Mailbox Options
  • Email Support

Supporting the Arts in Downtown 29 Palms

As this is a newly launched series of events, you might be wondering what to expect?

That was one of the questions we received when we met with the Twentynine Palms Public Arts Advisory Committee (PAAC). 

The City of Twentynine Palms' General Plan mission statement includes the vision to create and promote its residents' economic and social well-being, guided by sustainability and adaptability principles.

As part of our desire to develop a broad coalition interested in supporting local artists and creatives, Black Cactus Owner + Operator had a chance to meet with the PAAC during one of their open monthly committee meetings.

It was during one of these local meetings where the Adobe Mara Art Walks grassroots efforts formed; the PAAC has offered a statement of support and has committed to offering available and agreed upon resources as needed.

In addition to providing a Statement of Support, the PAAC has been instrumental to understanding the local economics of the arts, supporting the community by sponsoring a grant writing workshop celebrating the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

When considering the PAAC's mission to envision, guide and support art in public places, Black Cactus is proud to offer its position as a local community leader, interested in pioneering an artistic community in support with the PAAC's mission, as well as the City of Twentynine Palms' General Plan. 

What To Expect From the Adobe Mara Arts Walk

We'll meander through the streets and neighborhoods surrounding Black Cactus' headquarters on Adobe Road, to explore and review city walls adorned with murals as colorful as desert wildflowers.

Each art walk provides the opportunity for guests to experience and peek into pop-up galleries and exhibits brimming with creativity like hidden desert springs.

The goal? 

For local residents, visitors and future community members to be inspired as they stumble upon impromptu performances and arts amidst the rustling palms, whispering secrets of the past chollas and Joshua Trees. 

From Los Angeles' Leimert Park to the Desert Landscape of The Morongo Basin

Twentynine Palms is a treasure trove waiting to be unearthed. Its beauty resonates in the towering Joshua trees that stand guard next to the regency of the national park. 

The natural world and ecosystem of the environment is awe inspiring, the land itself whispers the stories of the Chemehuevi people, stewards of the land, and whose art and influences, through their culture, names, and innovation, are etched into the desert hearth.

These lessons, and others like them have been inspired from the creative and business development work learned from Los Angeles legend Ben Caldwell.

Based in historic Leimert Park, Ben, the founder of the Leimert Park Art Walk has offered his leadership, expertise and advice to Black Cactus' efforts to organize the community around arts and creativity. 

Long before Twentynine Palms was a town, lines of Washingtonia filifera palms stood tall, beckoning travelers with the promise of water and shade. These sentinels, known to the Serrano and Chemehuevi as Mara (place of little springs and much grass), served as a beacon of life in the arid expanse. Legend claims a surveyor counted 29 palms, unwittingly etching the town's future in the desert sands.

Adobe, the namesake of our initiative, represents more than just sun-baked bricks. It embodies the idea of building something lasting, something grounded in the earth and community, like an adobe structure rising from the desert floor. Just like the artists we support, we aim to leave our own mark on Twentynine Palms, not with monuments of stone, but with a vibrant tapestry of creativity that weaves together the past, present, and future of this remarkable place.

In the shadow of the iconic Joshua trees, nestled within 10 acres of desert landscape, lies the Noah Purifoy Outdoor Desert Art Museum, a breathtaking tapestry of over 100 sculptures and installations. This open-air haven, accessible to all from sunrise to sunset, boasts free admission, inviting you to explore a world of artistic ingenuity crafted from salvaged materials.

Jan. 2024
MLK Day Grant Writing Workshop

Black Cactus and began the year with a grant writing workshop focused on empowering creators and non-profit organizations

Feb. 2024
aMAW: 29 Palms Black History Month Celebration

A timeline is a graphical representation on which important events are marked.

March 2024
aMAW: Women Inspiring Art and Innovation Through Imagination

A timeline is a graphical representation on which important events are marked.

April 2024
aMAW: The Art of the Written Word

A timeline is a graphical representation on which important events are marked.

May 2024
aMAW: Youth Explosion

...and switch the timeline contents to fit your needs.

June 2024
aMAW: June Celebration

...and switch the timeline contents to fit your needs.

Twentynine Palms Juneteenth Celebration

...presented by Women of Color Global 29.

Summer: Online
Online Only + Leimert Park Art Walk Exchange
Sep. 2024
aMAW: Back to School
Oct. 2024
aMAW: Halloween
Nov. 2024
aMAW: The Soul of Fall
Dec. 2024
aMAW: Holiday Celebration
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Giving Away 100 Virtual Memberships to Artists of Color

Black Cactus Co-Working will provide 100 Virtual Memberships throughout 2024. These memberships include access to our Information Communication and Technologies, offering artists the tools and resources they need to succeed. 

Our goal is to launch at least 25 first-time businesses, assist 10 first-time business owners in achieving their first $10,000 in revenue, and amplify local artists by connecting them with museums, local businesses, and other points of interest.

In order to do that, our plan is to give away 100 Virtual Memberships to Desert Artists of Color. 

Benefits of Virtual Memberships

Virtual Memberships offer Desert artists of color the opportunity to stay connected and plugged into the Black Cactus Community. By staying involved in the Black Cactus Community, artitst and creators of color interested in developing their skillsets and becoming better business owners will receive access to a community of supporters and builders interested in doing the same.

In addition to getting access to a private online forum for other builders and creatives, perks include promotional items included day passes, discounted conference room bookings, and the ability to attend networking events.

Our focus?

On ensuring the 100 Artists we support are properly resourced, are able to move around freely, and that we pour the resources of the community to ensure a mutually enriching experience for all. 

Black Cactus' Approach to a Collaborative Community

From Black Cactus' perspective, we're incentivized to see a thriving artistic community. We understand that the arts, and the artists responsible for creating it, have a unique set of skills which are important to the businesses, entrepreneurs, and organizations in Twentynine Palms and beyond that we're lucky enough to serve.

Recognizing that we can't do it all alone, we focus on translating artistic skills for digital and business purposes, helping artists launch their first products and services, and developing go-to-market strategies. 

The 100 Desert Artists of Color Initiative is focused on using a series of 4 (four) 

This is bolstered by our collaboration in art walks, particularly through the Adobe Mara Arts Walk Initiative.

Key Topics and Objectives:

From our base in Twentynine Palms, Black Cactus Co-Working addresses key topics identified by the State of California, such as public health, energy conservation, civic engagement, social justice, and more. These themes are not only central to our community but also serve as inspiration for the groundbreaking work our artists create.

Innovative Co-Working Space:

Our co-working space is more than just a place to work; it's a hub of innovation and creativity. Here, artists can access resources designed to scale their businesses, from visual and performing arts to literature, music, film, and even culinary arts.

The Art Walk Experience:

Each month, our Art Walks dive into local and regional desert stories, offering artists and community members a platform to interact with the art and experiences of that month's featured artists. These walks are not just exhibitions but immersive experiences that bring together culture, art, and community.

A Step-by-Step Guide for Creativity:

The initiative also provides a guide for artists interested in deepening their business and creative skills, from selecting an area of interest to designing methods and mediums for their art.

Opportunities for Sponsorship

We offer sponsorship options for local professionals and organizations. Sponsors get priority access to events and the opportunity to partner on merchandise, all while supporting a vibrant community of artists. The "100 Desert Artists of Color Initiative" is more than a program; it's a commitment to the artists who are the heartbeat of our desert communities. At Black Cactus Co-Working, we're not just putting artists to work; we're empowering them to redefine the landscape of desert art and business. Join us in this exciting journey.

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Terence Latimer February 8, 2024
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